Conservatory of Northern Greece

Actions and Social Responsibility

For years, the Conservatory of Northern Greece, with sensitivity and a high sense of social responsibility, participates in a series of actions in the cultural development of the city, supporting the local social fabric and especially the young people.

  • Special prices for the unemployed, students, large families, etc.
  • Scholarships.
  • "Christmas Love Concerts" as a humanitarian contribution to social organizations.
  • Music Mondays at Villarte.
  • Student Demonstrations by all students and departments of the conservatory.
  • MasterClasses with internationally renowned soloists and educators.
  • International Cooperation - European Programs.
  • Organization of Panhellenic Competitions for children and young people.
  • Seminars - Workshops - Lectures.
  • Participation in "DIMITRIA" of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.
  • Music and Educational Programs for schools.
  • Summer courses - Summer Academy of Culture.
  • Educational Trips - Cultural Tourism.
  • Summer Activities: International Music Month, Music Camps.

because we live in a city that needs us all for a better future. With respect to culture, to people, to the youth…

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